Eating in Barcelona


Mercado de La Boqueria is located in the streets of La Rambla, Barcelona, Spain. It is a large public market, serving various delicacies to hungry locals and tourists from 8AM to 8:30PM all week, except Sundays. Having read and watched a lot of good reviews about this market, my boyfriend and I decided to have a few meals here during our two-day trip to Barcelona.

Read our food experience below to know why this was a decision we will never regret.

Bar Ramblero

A few feet to the left of the entrance to the market is Bar Ramblero. It was impossible to miss this place as it was still buzzing with people even with only less than an hour until the market closes. The fresh seafood they had on display almost tricked us into thinking that this stall was a tourist trap. But once we tried their parrillada mixta (grilled mixed seafood), we wanted to eat more! Because it was quite crowded when we got there and we couldn’t see a queue, we had to hurry to the only available seats. The waitress had to squeeze the two of us into a sitting space which I think is good for only one person! With two glasses of sangria, a bowl of olives and parrillada mixta, we were set for a sumptous meal for two.


Bar Central la Boqueria

Further into the middle of the market is another seafood bar restaurant, Bar Central la Boqueria where we ordered almejas (clams), parrillada de pescado y marisco (grilled fish and seafood) and two glasses of Cava (Spanish sparkling wine). Although we didn’t struggle to be seated here, we personally preferred the lively ambience and the parrillada mixta with some vegetable salad in Bar Ramblero. For people who prefer to eat in peace (even when in a marketplace), Bar Central la Boqueria is the place to be.


Taller de Tapas

Taller de Tapas is a tapas place conveniently located in La Rambla, a few feet away from Mercado de La Boqueria. As all other tourists do when in Spain, we ordered paella de pescado y marisco (seafood paella) but, it wasn’t as good as the chipirones fritos (fried little squid), patatas bravas (fried potatoes with garlic mayo and paprika sauce) and the rest of the restaurant’s wide array of tapas. We also had sangria de cava – a lesser known yet more glamorous version of the traditional sangria since it is made with sparkling wine. For dessert, we satisfied our sweet tooth with crema Catalan (Catalan crème brûlée).

Bonus: Snacks

The market is filled with other stalls selling various food items and snacks. We tried mixed nuts, empanada, olives, iberico jamones (cured ham) and our personal favorite: ice cream macaron sandwich in greek yoghurt flavour.

Iberico jamon cured ham

dried fruits and nuts

Having a taste of Barcelona in Mercado de La Boqueria left an unforgettable mark in our palates. This market has set our standard of what market food should be! It is definitely one of our favorite places in Barcelona.

How was your food experience in Mercado de La Boqueria?


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