Banana Loaf

Ever wonder what you could do with those overripe bananas that are often neglected and then thrown away? Think twice before chucking those bananas in the trash. Here’s an easy recipe for banana loaf. And guess what — overripe bananas are the key to making this tasty treat! Continue reading Banana Loaf


Eating in Seville

Las Golondrinas Near the end of the narrow streets of Calle Antillano Campos, we found Las Golondrinas 2, a casual and cozy tapas bar. The main branch of Las Golondrinas is in Calle Pages del Corro, only a few minutes walk from the second branch. True to the Spanish practice of having late lunch and late dinners, their kitchen is only open from 1pm to 4pm and 8:30pm to 12am. … Continue reading Eating in Seville